Welcome to the 2012 Graphic Design Walk, a combined open studio walk and design exhibition celebrating the work & practise of both local & international female creatives.

Taking place over two days during the London Design Festival, Graphic Birdwatching is proud to once again open the doors of 12 studios in East London alongside a design exhibition at our main venue, the 71a space on Leonard Street.

The theme this year is Proportion.

The Walk

An open studio walk in the heart of London's creative quarter. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to nestle down and have a chat with some of London’s most prolific female creatives in the unique setting of their own studio. Ask all those burning questions before navigating your way to your next stop. Embracing all disciplines, the walk is open to anyone interested in meeting, visiting or working with designers.

The walk covers a large portion of East London including Hackney Central, Old Street, Farringdon, Shoreditch, & Stoke Newington.

The Exhibition

Proportion (n.) — A part, share, or number considered in relation to a whole. The ratio of one thing to another. The correct or pleasing relation of things or between the parts of a whole.

A diverse group of international designers, varying in discipline and background, have designed a piece of work in response to this years theme ‘Proportion’. The theme was born from many types of conversations. Topics ranged from the relationship between type and image on a page to the challenges in finding that magical ‘work/life’ balance. Whether discussing the everyday trials of running a studio with our open studio participants or admiring the craft inherent in the works at our exhibition, we hope this theme instigates fruitful conversations and shared wisdom around finding all these various equilibriums.

Taking place at 71a, a dynamic space which houses a gallery & bar, the show will feature outstanding original works in this relaxed stand-out setting. The exhibition will also double as a starting point for the walk where you can come to collect your map in exchange for your ticket. There will also be stewards on hand to answer any questions and help you co-ordinate your day.

The exhibition will also double as a starting point for the walk where you can come to collect your map in exchange for your ticket. There will also be stewards on hand to answer any questions and help you co-ordinate your day.

The Space

Graphic Birdwatching is proud to host the 2012 Graphic Design Walk at the 71a Gallery, a dynamic creative hub & home to creative agency The Church of London. Front of house is the 71a shop, selling a collection of the world's best magazines as well as cards, posters & all manner of quality goods. Downstairs in the basement is the 71a space — a combined gallery, workshop, screening room, bar & lounge — which plays host to regular & one-off events throughout the year.

Graphic Birdwatching

Graphic BirdWatching is an international network dedicated to promoting women in design (Photography, Illustration, Graphics, Filmmaking, Art Direction). We aim to encourage diversity within the creative industries by celebrating & supporting the work of female creatives internationally. We do this through our regular online showcases, interviews & reviews on our blog as well as through live events & exhibitions. Graphic BirdWatching was founded in 2009.


Graphic Design Walk 2012 is organised by the following people.

Our Partners

Newgate Concise

Newgate Concise take great pride in building relationships with people in order to produce beautiful print. They provide fantastic advice on paper stocks, printing methods, supply dummies & mock-ups and are happy to meet to discuss projects when necessary. They offer customers the opportunity to see their work being produced on the presses. This often enhances the tactile nature of the business which helps with the creation of effective campaigns.

Fenner Paper

Fenner Paper has over 25 years experience supplying and sourcing papers for printers and designers. They are firmly established as one of the leading independent paper merchants in the UK. Their expertise covers the wide variety of substrates available including printing papers, designer papers and technical/industrial papers. They have a range of standard products which has developed to meet the needs of their customers. Much of their work is conducted on a ‘project’ basis, developing and sourcing new products for clients to satisfy specific criteria and uses.

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