trockenbrot/büro biro

8–12 pt type is referred to as ‘breadtype’. It is easy to read and commonly used. Bread is simple but not plain. It provides a base for interesting toppings, and is the perfect accompaniment to almost every meal. Dry humour helps through everyday life and gives a fun slant to simple pleasures. Applied to design, the concept produces a down-to-earth attitude and inspires clever solutions within the given limits.

Behind trockenbrot are Claudia Schenk (London) and Anja Sicka (Hamburg). With a similar educational background in illustration and book design, they share an approach to typography and printed matter, especially books.

The London studio is shared with Rachel Owens, which gave room to a new project: Büro Biro, bespoke paper products which included invites (oh yes, they do wedding invites and birth announcements) and note books, with workshops coming soon.

Also part of the studio is the milliner Ann-Marie Faulkner.

graphic design walk
21/22 - 09 - 12